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1 augustus 2021


Project call: Increasing the survival rate for ependymoma's (A & B) in children.

--- Cut-off date 30 September 2021 - 5 PM ---

Aims and criteria

The grants are provided to assist researchers working on brain tumour research, to foster interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary knowlegde, to stimulate original research and to facilitate new internal and external collaborations. The funded research proposals should ultimately lead to results which make the submission of follow-up research proposals. You can apply for funding for research projects under the following conditions: The successful applicant would present us with a project that would lead to a cure for PFA and PFB ependymomas that could be rapidly deployed in the clinic to enable an improvement in the current standard of care and be life-prolonging or curative. We are most interested in innovative projects that can rapidly advance treatment that would otherwise not be funded by traditional funding mechanisms.


For this research proposal, there is a maximum budget of € 50.000 available. Detailed justification has to be provided for spending this amount.

Time schedule

Projects must be started within 2021-2022 and completed within 2-3 year (2025). The guideline for the duration of a research project is 2-3 years. Justification has to be provided when exceeding this duration. The project leader must hold a PhD at the start of the project and be employed by a hospital/ institute during the term of the project. Assessment criteria The potential contribution to strengthen the’s goals and research themes. The requested budget must be supported by financial projections

  • The extent to which the proposed research is carried out.
  • Track record of the applicants.
  • Scientific quality.
  • The outcome for better treatment of the brain tumour patients.
  • The potential of successfully acquiring external funding.

If the project involves collaboration between a maximum of 3 organisations, the added value of each of the separate organisations has to be substantiated.

Procedure and timeline

Proposal Call with a cut-off date 30 September 2021 - 5 PM The results of whether your project will be funded will be before 30 oktober To apply, please complete the Proposal Form below, outlining a specific project related to the above research (with supporting references) and how the funds would be used. Submit by email to Foundation Board ( ). After the deadline, all proposals will be checked on eligibility. Researchers of non-eligible proposals will be informed. The board will discuss all eligible proposals. Members of the Board will not contribute to the decision process of proposals of their own group of direct colleagues. Applicants will be informed about the Board’s decision within six to seven weeks.

Justification and Report after the grant

At the end of the Seed Funding grant the applicant must hand in:

  • They must name the foundation in the research articles they will publish.
  • A short, written report about the proposal for the website
  • A filmed presentation about the research for one of the meetings/website

If you have any questions about the call and the criteria, please contact Mrs K. Hofstee ( ). Proposal Form

Project Summary

  • Project Title
  • Project summary (approximately 300 – 500 words) Please provide a short summary of the project.
  • Start date
  • End date
  • Total budget requested

Participant information

Researchers Principal investigator (required) First Name, Surname, Institution Affiliation, Email address, Phone number, Address, personal website

Co-investigator(s) For each additional co-investigator: First Name, Surname, Institution Affiliation, Emailadress, Phone number, Address, personal website

Researchers who do not have a personal website, attach a CV or resume with the application.

Management body

Who will manage this project? An individual researcher? Of an Institution? By an institution please give Institution contact details (for institutionally managed projects only) Name, address phone number and Institution Signatroy by Name, Job Title, Signatory email.

Research theme and focus

What is the research theme and focus?

Research aim and academic innovation

Briefly state the main research question(s) and explain how this project will push the frontier of existing knowledge. (maximum of 500 words).

Research design

Provide detail on the proposed research design, method and context of the project. Include information on planned surveys, any use of external providers, and research assistants (maximum of 1500 words). Please select the activity type(s) this project relates to: 

  • Scoping visit / Early-stage project development
  • Pilot study o Expert- / peer review
  • Self-contained (new) research project
  • Synthesis of existing knowledge/literature review
  • Implementation guidance/technical assistance
  • Project scale-up (expansion of intervention, widening of sample size based on proof of concept etc.)
  • Other, please specify: ………

Relevance to braintumourpatients

What is the relevance of the project to braintumourpatients. Describe ho wit fits within the agenda; making a better treatment for braintumourpatients possible? (maximum of 500 words)

Timeline outputs

Please give us a timetable of outputs, providing details on the project timeline, deliverable outputs, and a forecast of when the requested budget will be required. Please consider the budget and length of your project when deciding on your timeline of outputs. Typical progress reports are generated every 6 months. Please do notice, that we encourage researchers to include blog post as a project output. Blog post are published on websites.

Financial information

Please provide a detailed approximate budget for your project.

Let us also know if you expect that you will need any additional funds from other sources in order to complete the proposed research. (outline all other organisations you have applied to for funding, including the amounts and the status of these applications)



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